Best longboarding helmets

best longboarding helmetsIt’s you to decide your safet. That decision can take you to the fullest enjoyment and vigor of riding or you can end up in a hospital. So choosing a good helmet alongside other safety gears is a vital one. A damage in the leg may keep you within your bed for months but a hit on your head can kill you on the spot! So let’s see some of the best longboarding helmets at the market.

Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet

Being provided with multi-impact protection, it has become one of the best longboarding helmets in the market. This is also a multi-purpose helmet which can be used in inline skating, skateboarding, scooter and roller derby besides just longboarding. It has anti germ tech to prevent the odour due to sweating. It also prevents eye blurring which occurs due to sweating. It has a moisture wicking liner with multiple layers whcih limits sweat leakage. There is an antibacterial system in that liner which makes it entirely stink proof. Its 360 degree design of wrapping around ensures the prevention of liner separation to occur. It is available in five different sizes and offers a reasonable price. It has obtained an overall 4.5 star on Amazon.com plus nearly 600 reviews there! That of course speaks a lot about its quality.

PROTEC Original Classic Skate Helmet

It also comes with multi-protection design. It is engineered to be a multi-purpose one for skateboarding, roller derby, scooter etc. besides just longboarding. Its anti-sweating mechanism prevents odors, stinging by the sweat and blurring of eyesight due to sweating. Its moisture wicking liner is of multiple layers that prevents formation of bacteria and leaking of sweat. The 360 degree wrapping around is designed to prevent linear separation.  Being a reasonably priced one, it is rated as 4.5 on Amazone. That surely makes it to the best longboarding helmets.

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet

This may look like just a simple helmet but it’s one of the best longboarding helmets. Besides, protection, it’s also an expert in providing ultimate comfort. There are 11 air vents those surround its top. That does a lot to prevent excessive sweating which stings the eyesight. It has EPS interior and ABS exterior. That conforms to the safety standard for helmet industry. This helmet is also multi-purpose for skateboarding, cycling etc. It is highly recommended for the beginners because of its safety and comfort.

Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

This is almost a perfect one except the air vents. But it can be an all-rounder ignoring that air vent issue. It has conformed to the standards like ASTM F1952 and CPSC 1203. Your safety is enhanced by its fiber glass shielding and anti-shatter (flip-up) visor. You can easily cut through high winds by dint of its aerodynamic shape that resists the wind adversity. Lastly, EPS foam liner and velvet lining added with extra pad for adjustability has made it one of the best longboarding  helmets.

TSG Pass Helmet

One of the best longboarding helmets, it is a multi purpose helmet with double-visor anti fogging design. It possesses a good ventilation system. It’s designed with multiple safety mechanisms to make it totally resistant to multiple impacts.


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