How to should you choose the Best Longboard Helmets

choose the best longboard helmets That may look thrilling and adrenaline triggering, but longboarding is undoubtedly an extremely dangerous sport. Just a simple little slip off can give you a fatal impact on your head. Skidding with the speed of 60 km/h is not certainly a light joke. Longboarding is such a sport where the most light move may cause a fatal impact leading to spot death.

Pathetic is most of the riders are very often without any awareness when they need to consider safety. But you know it is always wiser to stay safe with longboard helmets than becoming sorry and pathetic example.

You will find three major types of longboard  helmets from which you can choose as per your needs. Furthermore, all of the longboard  helmets have their pros and cons. So better note your requirements at first then go for the helmets that which of them matches you most.

Another thing you need to consider is whether the helmet is approved by SNEL or DOT.

You need to mind certain things whch you must consider before owning a helmet. I have discussed them below for your convenience.

  1. Size: It is Vital that the longboard helmet must fit you perfectly to give you the proper protection. Therefore, while buying your helmet, never forget to try that on and ensure its perfect fitting before you buy it.
  2. Strap adjustment: When you are buying a longboard helmet, also always check its straps. Check its push button so that you are assured of its proper function. Good longboard helmets don’t have suich lame straps which are not so much loose or very tight on the chin that it creates discomfort and inconvenience.
  3. Composition: A vital factor is to check out the constituents of the internal and external of the helmet. The best longboard helmets would have a softer interior with a sturdy and harder exterior. Another thing is to be kept in mind that you need to check if the inner materials are anti-bacterial and washable or not.
  4. Shape: In case of the shape of longboard helmets, it should be only round in shape. Any shape other than just round is prone to cause you neck injury due to any impact. Never forget that.
  5. Put it to test: A must to be followed procedure which has no alternative is to check if that helmet functions except having truely testing that. Always examine the helmet’s durability such that if something worse happens, that never costs on your life or health.
  6. Weight: Heavy helmets are prone to give you bad impacts instead of protecting you. Look for a helmet which is lighter and you don’t feel heavy.
  7. Certification: An uncertified stuff is not always that bad but do you really know the strength of the material in that helmet which is to save you? So always buy certified longnboard helmets. A certified helmet means the helmet is fit to take away the impacts and save you from dangers. Better start longboarding with the assurance that the helmet is ok.


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