IT Support Services for Financial Institutes

IT Support Services for Financial InstitutesThe clients are provided with availability and security of data. They have dedicated teams monitoring the company’s systems 24/7. They provide reliable support and business continuity while conducting business no matter what the working hours are. They provide the company with support that maximizes productivity. They provide highly redundant and resilient that minimizes downtime whilst satisfying regulatory compliance requirements.


  • Unlimited access to service desk engineers by phone e-mail or remote control
  • Flexible support configured to company requirements 24/7/365
  • Fast response time delivered to Service Level Agreements
  • Industry leading technology and support tools
  • Competitive fixed costs with flexible benefits
  • Bi annual, annual, quarterly and monthly plans available

Business benefits of the service

  • Covers all the company’s IT support needs
  • Guaranteed level of service with minimum disruption
  • Predictable spend with built in flexibility to sui changing needs
  • Flexible offerings to suit company requirements
  • Experienced, highly qualified engineers who are passionate about providing best practice support
  • Provisioning of reliable of It as there is zero to little cost of downtime


Investment banking support- Can advise and support all front, mid, and back office functions. They have experience in treasury systems, settlement systems, and messaging processes.

IT network services and support- Developing and maintaining network is one of the key functions. They design and install new networks and can upgrade new network to increase its functions. They help replace aging and redundant equipment to prevent downtime.  They also install structured cabling, data sockets, server cabinets and wiring closets. They also offer consultation processes.

Data backup- It is an automated process that will securely back up the company’s data off site every night and will store it safely and securely within the hosted data centers. This system is safre and easier to manage. They provide full disaster recover solutions even during the loss of servers or buildings, the data can be replicated. It includes:

  • Backup files and folders
  • Server, desktop and laptop backup
  • Microsoft Exchange email
  • Databases
  • Linux Servers
  • Easy restore
  • Fully automated
  • Secure encryption
  • Local copy of data option

E-mail and internet security- For in-house exchange e-mail, a cloud based e-mail filtering that e-mail arrives virus and spam free. It saves bandwidth and server processor time. It also includes web security On Scan develops their own anti spam system. The On Scan service provides guaranteed virus and spam free service in the event of in-house server failing.

Voice over IP telephone systems- It uses an internet connections to place calls. This makes calls cheaper and work with more flexibility significantly reducing the cost of purchasing and implementing a new system. Companies with many b ranches can have their system connected to one phone system that reduces burdens and costs. The service includes:

  • Call divert
  • Group pick up
  • Voice mail
  • Call recording
  • Hunt Groups
  • Live on screen call statistics across the entire the business

Cloud computing- Provides a way for business to access common hardware and software applications on shared resources in a highly scalable and cost effective manner by moving the IT services out of the service and into a source data center. It provides:

  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Service level agreement for performance and availability
  • No upfront capital expenditure
  • Flexible remote and mobile working
  • Anti-virus included
  • Data backup included
  • Built in disaster recovery


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