London IT services

London IT servicesIT support systems are an operational support system that manage functions like network inventory, service provisioning, network configuration and fault management. The support systems are in general of two types.

User support and training

It support systems is designed according to the needs of the clients and individual users. They deliver exceptional responsiveness and accountability and transparent remote or onsite support 24/7 by talented engineers.

Infrastructure support and services

The companies employ people and technology to ensure that the core infrastructure can deliver business value. It infrastructure is the framework that allows organizations to function whether it is spread across multiples sites or concentrated in a single of activity.

IT services

Cloud based services

Backup and business continuity- It provides an online platform to store and edit large amounts of data. This can come really handy during disasters and emergency work-at-homesituations. The service helps you to recover and maintain data and services which would otherwise cause devastation to your company.

Anti-spam- It uses an anti-spam mail filter that blocks unwanted emails and malware that can disrupt business.

Mail archive- Helps to keep an accurate record of all the business emails. It allows your company to continue emails even when the server goes down.

Telephony- With the use of VOIP and cloud you can just plug the phones to the internet and use your manpower for running only the important hardware. This provides a big budget cut.

Project management: A Draft Project Initiation (DPI) is developed with the client according to the companies’ needs that specifies in details every action and procedure to be implemented. It help to define and understand clear goals and objectives. It ensures that IT services are provided smoothly.

Network care services: It ensures configuration, monitoring and full utilization of the infrastructure of the company to for optimum use of resources and budget.

Health Check- A senior engineer will visit the site to identify issues within the network to create a highly detailed report on it to ensure better identification and handling of problems.

Network monitoring- 24/7 remote and real time monitoring of all aspects of the network by highly skilled engineers providing immediate solutions to the problems.

Security audit- To investigate and diagnose vulnerabilities of the network for swift handling and efficient maintenance of the network.

Disaster recover- To ensure minimal downtime and restoration of critical IT functionality in events of disasters.

Desktop support: It provides virtual desktops to share files and software from any location with the use of internet. This feature is very important for companies needing to expand and contract quickly.

Data security: With the use of anti-spam mail filters, antivirus and network security it creates sophisticated security solutions and systems. The rate of network threats has increased vigorously in the last years and IT security systems in London is a learning process that has evolved along the threats to provide ultimate protection.

IT outsourcing:It is the provision of IT help desk, desktop management services, support for mobile devices, applications and network monitoring by using the following programs.

  • Full IT outsourcing
  • IT co-sourcing
  • Outsourced helpdesk
  • Contract staffing

Benefits if IT service

  • Lower total IT costs – A regular monthly fee covers all the preventive and proactive maintenance cost for client machines reducing total IT costs.
  • Reduced hidden cost and increased staff productivity – The client PC s are more stable and secure with little disruptions and breakdown that gives the stuff more time to recover. The services allow that all the needed tools are at the finger tips that reduce training costs and reducing time-consuming support calls.
  • Greater IT cost predictability – Fixed monthly fees cover monitoring, preventive, maintenance, and unlimited remote support to clients that identifies the exact IT cost per month and so can budget a plan approximately.
  • Stronger alignment of IT with business goals – The IT consultants examine client business goals and provide advice and support based on both available and future technology to make sure clients’ networks are strong and efficient.

Additional benefits

  • Concentrate on your business goals
  • Capitalize on opportunities
  • Preserve your companies’ assets
  • Take the weight off your mind
  • Enhance productivity


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